Our Founder

Bassam “Sam” Assaad was born in the oldest city in the world, Damascus, Syria and first came to the U.S. in 1977 to attend aviation school in Los Angeles.  Upon receiving his pilot’s license, Sam moved to Texas to study Applied Mathematics at the University of Houston.  While later pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Sam got his first taste of the wine business and Bordeaux while completing a case study on Mouton Cadet, the branded entry-level Bordeaux wine created by the Baron Philippe de Rothschild in 1930.  Upon completing his studies, Sam began his wine career interning with a local Texas wine distributor, Tarrant Distributors.   Shortly after, he joined national French wine importer Bercut Vandervoort.  He continued his career with Labouré Roi, the famed Burgundy producer, and later Dubos Frères & Cie, the prestigious Bordeaux négociant.

Sam Assaad with his children, Sarah and Michael

Fueled by an overwhelming desire to revolutionize the wine business, Sam founded Misa Imports in Dallas in 1998.  Named for his children, Michael and Sarah, Misa was built by Sam, brick by brick, bottle by bottle and container by container.  Since the very beginning, Sam has grown the business by staying true to his three guiding principles:  transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, and top-quality products. In 2001, Misa expanded into distribution in Texas and now has an affiliate distributor network serving 43 states.  Misa also imports to 8 countries around the world.



Sam credits Misa’s success to the relationships he has spent his career forging — partnerships with the best Bordeaux and international wine and spirit producers and suppliers as well as with Misa’s valued customers.  According to Sam, a true partnership requires matching the right customer with the right supplier and products in a transparent manner. Misa’s family of dedicated employees is committed to sharing the fruits of our success with our industry partners, the community, and the consumer. As Misa moves into the next stage of growth, we work to stay true to our founding principle: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”



‘Ka Sak!” – Cheers! In Arabic