Old Dominick Memphis Vodka

Memphis TN, USA


Our ambitious pursuit of vodkas possessing uncompromising character originates from Domenico Canale’s passion for sharing fine spirits made from the choicest ingredients. So our Honeybell Citrus Flavored Vodka captures the fragrant sweetness of the Honeybell’s luscious juice, as well as the distinctive bitters of its deep orange zest. Our exquisite Honeybell Citrus Flavored Vodka is 80 proof and one hundred percent Pure Memphis.

Honeybell is the highly sought-after hybrid of a tangerine and grapefruit which is hand harvested once a year in south Florida--a true delicacy for those who know it.

Multiple Award winner at San Francisco Spirits Competition and SIP Awards.

Tasting Notes

The true expression of the Honeybell Fruit. Crisp and fragrant with overarching botanical qualities that round out with essential notes of citrus.

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