Tierra Noble Cristalino

Jalisco, Mexico


The mixture of the most rare and peculiar reposados is the whim of the master distiller who gives life to Tierra Noble Cristalino, who sublimates his attributes in a process of distillation after his idyllic passage through the barrel presence that culminates in the precious perfect golden of Earth Noble. Over time the exquisite blend of these extra-añejo aging up to 85 months would become what is today the Selection of the Founder.

Tasting Notes

The Color: Crystalline and translucent, with light golden flashes that recall its origin and rest, perfectly clean and bright, great grip in the glass forming tears and legs of great body.

The Nose: Very pleasant and soft, with a range of aromas ranging from fruit, sweet and citrus orange and grapefruit with notes of cooked agave honey, light vanilla and cocoa in a perfect balance of wood without exaggerating its presence.

The Palate: The nose notes are confirmed in the mouth; soft product to the palate, Balanced and fresh, with a light cocoa flavor, fresh and sweet fruits, peach and red fruits; of great persistence on the palate.

An impressive and distinguished product with harmony and balance with very good permanence and soft mouthfeel; citrus notes, grapefruit and peach, fresh and light wood products, characteristics that distinguish it.
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