Old Dominick Memphis Toddy Bourbon Whiskey

Memphis TN, USA


In a nod to rollicking pre-prohibition Memphis, we give you Domenico Canale’s long-lost Memphis Toddy. Reborn from our family recipe, the Memphis Toddy blends high-rye bourbon with a curated array of natural ingredients.

Like the traditional cordials of his home country of Italy, Domenico crafted his Toddy recipe by carefully infusing herbs and spices from his grocery cart with his Uncle’s whiskey—and Memphis Toddy was born.

Tasting Notes

Subtle Notes of citrus, botanicals, and honey Coalesce into what can be best described as “southern infused”. Whether enjoyed neat, poured through cracked ice or as the highlight of an imaginative cocktail, it’s the Memphis spirit that’s made to be shared.

Rich, exotic layers of spice, citrus, and honey infused into our heritage high rye bourbon. Cardamom, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, and citrus peels are meticulously hand crafted into this product, just as it was originally done back in 1880’s.

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